The Loneliness of the Mechanical World


What is love, if not a combination of two bodies in the same consciousness,

In one moment, in one rhythm, in the same music, without any words,

Just an experience of each other,

Without any guidelines, standards and expectations toward oneself, systems and fragmentation.

What is love, if not the longing for a view, for the presence,

And awareness that we are one same living organism.

What is love, if not the trepidation of bodies, just for a very thought of each other,

Even when so distant, in the longing for closeness and delight in one World.

The rest are just imposed norms, an apparent order which we try to hold so much,

Thinking this will give us the security and happiness, if we just stop feeling, loving and being together.

So we are trying to stay apart because we are afraid,

We are afraid cause we know, if we get close too much, we can become one,

And that in this World, and in such reality we cannot do.

Therefore we will try to forget that we are one,

And this Love will tear us apart,

So we could never find ourselves again,

In denial of our own existence.

Małgorzata Bartoszewicz.