McKone Media Company Limited

McKone Media [MM] is the idea of Walter Llewellyn McKone. With the ever-increasing involvement of social media in business and personal lives, through our mobile phones, Walter thought it might not be a bad idea to turn his business into a media company. Due to the combined power of the Internet and mobile phones [Handy] the size of any company cannot be measured by employees alone. With the effect of the Internet and the mobile phone, the size of a company gives way to reach, the power of attention and content. As with putting an advert in the window of your local shop the principle still applies; you need to get people’s attention before you can do anything.


Once you have their attention then the conversation begins with your content; you become social. You don’t sell you converse and engage. This engagement can be in different forms ranging from short comments to blogs, audio downloads and even major lectures and workshops. MM will be a source for the public and professionals alike to engage with ideas, information, and advice.


MM is an education and information company with an interest in social media marketing, technology, healthcare, philosophy, psychology, and sports medicine. The source of the education and information is initially from the practical base of over 30 years of clinical experience and workshops around Europe. As Walter’s sons contribute then the areas of interest will enlarge. With the use of Facebook Live and Periscope presentations and works are already being Live Streamed around the world. All through the phone.


There are thousands of small business run by men and women, usually over 50 years of age, that have a fear of Social Media. These people may want to keep their businesses running but have no understanding of the New World of gentle marketing through the Internet. MM aims to set down with them and introduce them to various platforms, the demographic best for their business and the possible use of vlogging (video blogging, video diary), blogging (writing short copy on a regular basis) and even the use of audio.











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Walter is joined in the Company by his director Verity and sons Maximillian and Oskar who live in Germany, Berlin, and Weimar respectively.