Walter’s CV




  • Graduated: Stationers’ Company’s School – 1980
  • Graduated: British School of Osteopathy (University College of Osteopathy) – 1984

Social Media

  • Youtube: Walter McKone Osteopath
  • Youtube: The WALLY Philosophy
  • Facebook: McKone Osteopath
  • Twitter: @MckonePsych
  • Instagram: mckone_osteopath
  • Snapchat: Walter McKone
  • E-mail:


Present Positions & Lecturing

  • Lecturer in: History of Science & Philosophy, Paediatrics, Psychology, Sports Medicine, and Manipulative medicine
  • Venues/Institutions include: University College of Osteopathy (, London, UK. Panta Rhei, Postgraduate Education, Roosendal, Netherlands. Akademia Osteopathii, Wroclaw, Poland.
  • Private Practice, North London

Work In Sports

  • Athletic Injuries Officer, Budweiser British American Football League (1984-86).
  • Team Osteopath and Coach, Greenwich Rams American Football Team, UK, (1983-89)
  • Team Osteopath and Coach, Haringey Rhinos Rugby Football Club, UK (1983- 1993)
  • Sabbaticals: Dallas Cowboys, Texas. Los Angeles Rams, Anaheim. Green Bay, Packers, Green Bay, USA (1987-1991)
  • Team Osteopath, London Monarchs, World League American Football Team, (1990-1991)
  • Company Osteopath, Landestheatre Ballet & Opera Company, Altenberg, Germany (1991-1992)
  • Tennis Coach to Luke Milligan (reached Wimbledon Tennis Championships 2001)
  • Practiced & taught Tai Chi Chuan, Feng Shou Chuan (35 years) –
  • Coaching Experience: American football, rugby league, rugby union
  • Student of Aikido: North London Aikido

Business Presentations

  • Motivation, Imagination, Creativity, Intuition.


  • General Osteopathic Council, UK.,
  • Scientific and Medical Network, UK.
  • International Society for Philosophers, UK.,
  • International Society of Vertebrate Morphology, Deutschalnd and UK.
  • Equity Actors Union


  • Philosophy – Works of : Descartes, Kant, Spinoza, Hume, Goethe, Emerson, James, Dewey, Wittgenstein, Rorty, Bohm, Bortoft etc.
  • Wholeness in Clinical Medicine.
  • Psychology, Paediatrics, Sports medicine.


  • Trained as a TV & radio presenter appearing in films (including ‘Bugsy Malone’) as a child.
  • Presenter with Paradise FM 2002 until 2007 (Saturday night chart show, drive-time show, late night jazz)
  • Presenter and Head of Social Media at Delite Radio  from 2019.


Science and Healthcare, including:

  • Clinical neuroscience and psychology.
  • Sports medicine (injuries, training techniques, drugs, psychology, etc)
  • Children’s health (Child Development, ADHA, Aspergers, Dyslexia, Cerebral Palsy, Physiology, Anatomy, Disease)
  • Psychology,
  • Philosophy,
  • History of Science,
  • Geology,
  • Physics & Chemistry.

1 thought on “Walter’s CV

  1. Richard Farrow, ex Master at Stationers’ Company’s School

    Pleased to see you still list Geology as a speciality. Well done on your career.


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